Want to Make Money from Your Free Mobile App? Here’s What You Need to Do

Every app publisher wants to make money with his/her newly-launched mobile app, but most of them fail to achieve the desired success. In this highly-competitive app marketplace, it’s not easy to earn money from apps.

If you have just launched your mobile app or looking forward to coming up with one, then undoubtedly one of your first concern would be the profit. Some of the most popular mobile apps available on the play store are free but they do actually earn money. It is easy to make money with a paid add, in-app purchases and advertising. But, in order to earn money from a free application, you have to use several tactics and strategies.

In this blog, you will find some easiest yet effective tips that you can use to make money through your app:

The Freemium Upsell

It demands launching a second version of your mobile app which is paid. You can provide a link on the first version of your app which will allow users to click on a link that will drive them to the iTunes or Google play store. It’s type of a feeder system – people can download your free mobile app and get an idea of what you are offering, then they may buy the full version to avail more functionality.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases enable users to unlock or buy other features that you provide in your app or game. Some of the most popular games such as Infinity Blade was free but it earned millions of dollars through in-app purchases. When you are developing your app, you can set in-app purchases for unlock a particular feature. With this feature, it is easy to start getting an enormous amount of revenue. However, you need an amazing app that can actually justify it.


It is one of the most popular technique that can actually help you make earn money. Though you will need a significant amount of traffic to make it work for you. When you start getting traffic on your app, it can be a consistent revenue source.Basically, the revenue will be based on CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPC (cost per click) that can help you make a few bucks.

CPI Networks (Cost Per Install)

It’s a new marketing mechanism which is similar to the CPA (cost per acquisition) used in the web marketing world. In this mechanism, your app will be asked users to install third party apps. You must have seen this kind of “pop-ups” in mobile applications and games asking you to look at another game. You get some money when a user installs the third-party app.There are several app publishers started using this mechanism, so don’t forget to ask your developer to use it today.