Top Web Development Frameworks

This is no news that with the increasing competition in web development industry, the requirement of a perfect, fast, and innovative framework has also increased. Looking at the trends we understand that the demand of developing creative and interactive web applications is going to increase in 2018.

The question remains How to opt for the right framework for one’s precise project?

The thing is, answer to that question may vary on the basis of your preferred programming language and particular needs of your project. Keeping that in mind we have listed out some of the most reliable and innovative frameworks that are based on most popular programming languages and will fulfill the needs of all kinds of business. This will help you narrow down your choices and pick the perfect framework for your web project.

Check out the list below:


Angular (initially referred as AngularJS) is a JavaScript framework. It is an open source framework that was designed by Google, specifically for creating dynamic web applications. Angular has always been the most popular framework among the developers. And the feature that makes it most attractive is, it gives you the ability to develop front-end based apps without the need of any other plugins or framework. The top features offered by Angular include: it is platform agnostic, developed for speed and performance, and has incredible tooling.

The list of more cool features offered by Angular:

  • Its templates allow you to show information from model and controller
  • It supports Model-View-Controller (MVC)- a built-in three-tier architecture. It allows developers to split any app into MVC component and manages them on its own.
  • It also does not use any loops or conditional statements, instead, it has all the expression in code snippet enclosed in curly braces.


Laravel is a PHP framework and it is relatively new (compared to the other popular frameworks). It was launched in 2011 and ever since has been one of the top choices of PHP developers. What makes this framework everyone’s favorite is its huge ecosystem and dedicated dependency management system. However, the attractive list of features does not end there. It also includes a vast screencast tutorial library named Laracast.

If you are into rapid PHP application development then Laravel can be ‘your guy’. The framework has many features that make such application development much easier to work on. Along with its dedicated dependency management system, Laravel also offers the ability to access relational databases and Model-View-Controller (MVC)- a built-in three-tier architecture.

The best thing about Laravel is, it has its own lightweight templating engine known as “Blade”.


Django is another “everyone’s favorite” open source framework. It is written in Python programming language and is built using the Model View Template (MVC) architecture. Some of the websites that were built using Django framework includes Instagram, NASA, Disqus, and Mozilla. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The framework is highly popular among the developers because it is scalable, fast, secure, and fully loaded. The framework is loaded with Object Relational Mapper (ORM) which allows the users to easily map the project objects and their respective database tables.

The Django framework mainly highlights its pluggability to components and reusability. It also supports various database engines such as DB2, Oracle, MySQL, and SQLite.

Just like the other open source frameworks here, Django also has a vast development community where one can get all kind of development related help and correct documentation as well.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a server-side web development framework which is built using Ruby programming language. The most appreciating feature offered by this framework is the re-usability of the codes. Which allow web developers to complete the tasks quickly and easily. Like the above popular frameworks, the Ruby on Rails also uses the MVC architecture. It makes use of RESTful design, besides you can also add some extra functionalities. There many popular sites that were built on this framework including GitHub, Airbnb, SoundCloud, Hulu, Shopify.

The user friendliness of the framework and its large development community put it on the list of top web development frameworks of the year 2018. There are a few more very attractive features that make this framework one of the best. Some of which are:

  • Its suitability for all industries with its flexible programming
  • Quick web development
  • Ability to modify the existing code and add new functionalities on the website anytime


Yii is an open source PHP based framework widely known and preferred for being faster than other PHP frameworks out there. The Yii framework is developed by PHP5. It is purely object-oriented and uses DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding concept. Due to its clear design and user friendly interface, the Yii framework offers effortless and fast web development.

Why should you consider Yii framework? The answer is simple Yii is performance optimized framework which makes it suitable for all kind of business websites. Another good thing about this framework is it attempts to streamline the utility building and helps the developers to check whether the environment is friendly or extensible to work. The most popular features of Yii framework include Internationalization, DAO/ActiveRecord, caching, authentication, localization (I18N/L10N), scaffolding, and testing.