Top 5 Mobile App Ecommerce Features to Consider

Shoppers today are quickly shifting to the mobile shopping due to easiness & quick access. Though every business needs to come up with a mobile app that will deliver a fantastic user experience and makes it easy for buyers to navigate through a large number of products.

Nowadays, several businesses are launching their ecommerce apps, but most of them fail to attract the users. Do you know, why? In this highly-competitive digital era, it’s not easy to engage the mobile app users as they have several other options. Your application must be unique and provided something innovative to the users. At each & every level, your ecommerce app needs to retain the users.

If you are planning to launch an ecommerce mobile app, you must consider using some of these features:

  • Onboarding should be Simple

For any shopping app, getting the buyers on board is critical. The Artistic design, personalization, and intuitiveness make onboarding as easy as possible. Your mobile app should invite your users with an idea of what your brand is all about while serving a wide range of interactive features. From registering to sign in, and from checkout to online payment, everything should be professional and incredibly simple.

  • Chat While Shopping

Most buyers get confused with color choices while shopping. Such difficulties usually result in an empty shopping cart. In order to overcome such shopping falls, your app needs to have a functionality that will allow buyers to discuss their choices with friends (who have already installed the same app) before making the payment.

  • Promote Customization

For any ecommerce website, the main challenge is to offer an exceptional user experience through a mobile app. When an individual downloads the shopping application, he/she look for personalization, easy navigation, and amazing experience. Hence, it is crucial to make the user experience as appealing and interactive as possible. Your ecommerce app must include some customizable features that adjust according to user’s needs and preferences.

  • Voice Search

Customer convenience should be your priority. You can add “Voice Search” feature that will assist users in shopping while they are busy. The logic behind this exceptional feature is that it is easier to talk than type when you have several things in hand. It will attract both new and existing users.

  • Mobile Wallet Usage

Make sure your mobile app is integrated with mobile wallets. It is one of the most trending features that has become very popular among the young people. Several ecommerce websites have already come up with this exceptional feature.