Things to Consider while Developing a Healthcare App

Healthcare technology and especially mobile health is growing rapidly. We have already seen the usage of technological applications in the healthcare industry. According to one research, international mobile health market is expected to expand at a composite growth rate of 33.5% between 2017 and 2020. With more and more advanced mobile apps being created in the health sector, the scenario has completely transformed.

Today, several startups are coming up with the highly-professional healthcare mobile apps. If you are also wondering to launch a healthcare application in 2017, you need to consider several significant things:

UI/UX Considerations

In order to create innovative healthcare apps, you need to understand the value of UX and UI that will affect the overall appearance of your app. Make sure the design of your mobile app is clean and easy to use. A professionally-created UI/UX is highly required for your app. With a high frequency of data input, your upcoming health care app needs some extra efforts and creativity. If the app is patient-centric, make sure the process flow is seamless as much as possible. The UI of your app must be engaging that makes the users feel better.

Privacy and Security

When it comes to safety and privacy of the users, there are various safety regulations for each healthcare app. For instance, if you are going to develop a mobile application which exchanges the sensitive data of the users, your app must follow the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act that is also known as HIPAA (Applies in US market only). Europe, Canada, and other countries have different rules and regulations for the protection of user’s data. So, if you are wondering to launch a healthcare app that collects the confidential or other sensitive information from users, you must add a privacy policy that describes what data is being collected and how it will be utilized. Several apps on iTunes have been rejected due to the privacy issues. Being the app publisher, protected health information (PHI) should be your top priority.

Don’t forget to test your app

App testing is a vital step that must be taken into account while creating a healthcare app. If your newly-launched app fails to work perfectly, there is a significant risk of giving out bad results. Whether you choose manual testing or use automation tools, don’t forget to test your app before publishing. If you are going to launch a health app that has fitness tracking and other features (geolocation), you really need to check the efficiency of those services. If the functionality of your app interrupts, don’t forget to check the inputs in different devices, networks, and locations. Make sure it provides the right information every time. You also need to check your app on different operating systems Android, iOS, Windows, etc.