MagentoSpeed up 2

If you are thinking of upgrading to Magento 2 e-commerce platform, you’re not the only one. Moving to this important platform can be considered as a business strategy rather than risk-avoidance.

The PHP- based open-source is blessing all the website owners and empowering them for managing their websites. You can choose WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla for creating online storefronts using their e-commerce plug-ins/extensions, etc., but for creating a fully-fledged shopping cart solution go with Magento. No one can compete with Magento 2 e-commerce platform.

Magento 2 is a powerhouse having all the latest functionalities and features. Despite having so many competing platforms, Magento stands out!

Know the reasons why Magento 2 is enjoying the limelight:

  • Flexibility
  • Better UX
  • Sturdiness
  • Alluring designs
  • Security

Even though it is on the top still Magento is continuously improving its products and making it concurrently and futuristic with every new release for staying on the top of its game.

Therefore, developers and e-commerce store owners prefer Magento for the development of e-commerce websites. The following are the qualities, however, are the reason for considering Magento 2 as an e-commerce platform.

Keeping the End-user Perspective


With the advancement of technology, we can track a user’s behavior, preferences, and browsing history. Using the data, we can offer users a highly personalized experience while doing online shopping. Magento 2 is equipped with technologies and allows store owners to provide personalized products, services, and marketing encouragement of all kinds.

Thus, it helps in experience and conversion enhancement for all the loyal customers. The shopping cart can close many deals using personalization and encourage users for buying more stuff, and these increases repeat business resulting in high ROI.

Boosts Search

Today, all the users are tech-savvy and love using search feature extensively. Therefore, it’s better to have a filtered and faceted search on your mobile store.

The search opportunity makes the products and services to get more easily, irrespective of the size of an online storefront. Moreover, have complete navigation options which are favorite of all the newbies.

Streamlined Checkout

For achieving a high conversion rate, closing the deal rapidly without any disturbance is necessary, and the checkout process can address it. Therefore, Magento 2 has updated the checkout process that works more efficiently than the previous versions.

Keeping a Storeowner Perspective


Having the powerful tools at the backend makes it easy to use and manage the order, sales, inventory, reporting, and shipping. The backend of Magento 2 enhances the user experience for the backend user.

Optimization Capability

Magento 2 has overwhelming features for optimizing SEO and SMO parameters using modular approaches. It allows you to use drag-and-drop visual merchandising of the product optimization.


The platform allows you to go beyond the national boundaries and between different cultures by supporting various currencies and languages of different countries around the world.

Responsive Design

We are breathing in an era where everything goes on mobile devices. Therefore, Magento 2 offers mobile-friendly and responsive designs for giving the flawless experience to all the users across the world.

Providing cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility makes Magento 2 fit for the new era.

Keeping Developer’s Perspective

Open Source

The platform has all the benefits that an e-commerce platform should have. It allows developers to control extensions, modules, templates, training, consulting services, and documentation, etc., provided by the ever-growing Magento community for building user-centric e-commerce storefronts.

Easy Integration

We have many databases, and with the introduction of Big-data with NoSQL databases, it has made the integration more challenging for the e-commerce developers. Magento 2, however, is making accessible to integrate data, third-party tools, and services including cloud/web services without having any conflicts.


Magento 2 is PHP based open-source platform having the latest versions of PHP and frameworks including Zend. It works fine with all the major databases like MySQL, Oracle, and Hadoop.


It is considerably fast. Magento 2 gives 20% more performance/speed as compared to previous versions of Magento.


Magento 2 has JavaScript library as default jQuery library, and this helps the e-commerce developers in doing hassle-free programming. Thus, it avoids Prototype and jQuery conflicts while doing the development of the project features and functionality.


Magento 2 is much more secured as compared to other versions because the structure of the directories in the source has been changed. It has removed skin folder from the root directory, and now it has only 5 folders in root directory against 9 in the previous versions.

Moreover, a new directory has been created as “Pub” and folders like JS, SKIN, ERROR, etc., are shifted from the root directory to Pub. Thus, it is tough to hack or steal codes directly from the root directory by the mischievous elements on the web.

Rapid development

Magento 2 is having the concept on ‘View in Module’, so it reduces the time and removes complexity considerably. The idea of view helps the developers from defining the configuration and assists in creating the view that can start work immediately.


Magento 2 is offering the component-based structure of modules and enhances the performance and flexibility of an e-commerce website. Unlike component-oriented architecture, modules provide freedom for developers to enable or disable components as per requirement.

Hence, you can keep your code clean with high performance and ensure more flexibility against older versions.