Know Your Remote PHP Development Team

In the last several years, there is a rise in a number of remote PHP developers. The need for skilled developers and plenty of innovative tools are contributing more to this trend. But working remotely for web development project really works? As such, there is no perfect answer but working with different development teams gives you the different experience. Also, your workload gets distributed among different developers, and this approach makes you reach your goal very fast.

As web development is becoming more popular, so does the practice of working in remote teams is also increasing. Many giant companies are thinking of extending their remote developing teams as working remotely saves your employees commuting time. You might have the question that does this remote development gives better and smoother products? If you are thinking of having remote PHP developers into consideration, then you must know each and every aspect.

Create Context

Before starting web development and reaching your goal product your team should be on the same page. When you have a dispersed team, it is difficult to have small talks regarding the product. So, to sort this, you should establish clear communication and rules for the better connection. Let your team have communication over Skype or video conferencing to have the better knowledge of tools graphics and many other related things.

The initial communication is necessary for establishing a shared vision of the product and understanding everybody’s role in the development.

Be Flexible

Some remote companies work on Results-Only Work Environment and have stronghold work timings. But if you’re thinking of hiring talented remote developers then try to lose the traditional workspace mentality and give your developers more flexible schedules. If you are adding flexibility to your company’s environment, you will be able to expand your development team easily.

Tight and unbalanced communication can’t give better results. Your team will work as a Scrum team, having a discussion on a less frequent basis but completing their work efficiently. Decide your mid and long-term goals, and let your team come up with new ideas and proficiently complete their assignments.

Plan for the overlap time

Overlap time refers to when your whole team is available and can be active at the same time. Depending on different locations and time zones your time may vary but try to have as much time as you can to communicate.

Manage the time difference effectively by defining hours when the whole team is available for the communication. Use World Clock Meeting Planner for inter-crossing time zones for scheduling meeting at a convenient time of your team members. You can use Trello, Redmine, and Youtrack for managing your team remotely.

Project Management

The project manager can be appointed for checking out the remote PHP developers. A skilled project manager helps you in ensuring the successful delivery of your project. They don’t waste your time and holds the meeting with all team to ensure smooth working of your project.

The project head identifies the aim & vision of the given project and guides in going in the perfect direction. They act as a bridge between the stakeholders, project team and customers, which lessen the confusion and improves the accuracy.

Collaborative Tools

It is necessary to keep technology and skills together, so it is essential to use the right tools for managing the team to keep a hold over the progress of the project and track the tasks done by your team. Use the tools for effectively managing your outsourcing team and virtual workforce to get the best from them.

A tool makes the working of a project smoother. Setting best tools for your web development helps each team member to focus on their responsibilities. You may choose different tools depending on your client like Slack, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, Hackpad, or WebEx.


The main reason behind the success of remote PHP developers is that they work efficiently despite the hardships in their projects. By expanding the remote team, you can quickly get success with your skilled developers. All developers and project managers can see the projected image and work accordingly to make the smooth development of the project.