Instagram’s Very Own YouTube

Time to rumble…. Instagram’s brand new video platform IGTV is here to charm us!

With this Instagram have 1 billion users.  The launch of Instagram’s IGTV is coming with the joining of 1 billion users.

IGTV is a hub of the vertical and long form of videos on Instagram. The fantastic platform is available in both the native Instagram app and the new standalone IGTV app. The app is also available for iOS and Android users.

The moment you log in to IGTV, it automatically plays vertical videos from the people you follow, along with personal recommendations from your list of people you follow.

The idea behind the app and design is to make accessible approach & watch videos on the mobile phones. Most video apps require searches or browsing through a directory – except television, where you can just turn it on and start watching. IGTV, on the other hand, plays videos the moment you log in or open it. This ability makes it more powerful.

The June 20 was the day of all fantastic kinds of stuff as IGTV was launched in San Francisco. The buzz was already a point of gossip in the market with a hint of long-form video platform is about to happen. Now, it has arrived.

Here are points to know about IGTV, and what this brand new platform means for you:


Before discussing further, you should know what is IGTV?

IGTV is an Instagram’s way of breaching the traditional experience of TV and modernizing with a mobile experience. YouTube is breaking out all the traditions of TV from last so many years; this is the reason of time decreased for watching TV. 40% of the teens prefer watching YouTube instead of TV.

78% of total mobile data traffic will increase through mobile videos till 2021; this gives a big bet by Instagram on IGTV. You can think of creating your own IGTV channel on Instagram, where you can quickly post and share long-form of videos with your friends and followers, this way you can increase your circle for information and friends.

Initially, Instagram has kept the 10 minutes video time limit for the most of the accounts and the larger accounts it is up to 1 hour. But you don’t have to be worried about the short time as there is great news too, eventually, there will be no limit.


At this point, you might think YouTube is better for you with no restrictions. But IGTV is giving a different experience with all the vertical videos on the mobile-friendly platform, and now this is making a lot of sense!

Everybody is aware of Instagram Stories, so you are trained enough to record vertical video, making it more approachable.

You can quickly check the stories of your friends by clicking on the IGTV button on their profile, or you can also use standalone IGTV app and see what others are doing. The IGTV notifications are same as your Instagram notifications, and you get notified for every new post from your friends and followers (you’ll get notified in the Instagram app too).

Instagram assists you on the basis of your interests and type of category you follow, you can also watch “popular” videos & stories. You can share your stories and videos just like your Instagram stories through “Instagram Direct”.

Most important information for now-no ads. For now, IGTV will not have any ads; Instagram is focusing on building engagement with users instead of having ads all around IGTV.

There are several other important things you should know about IGTV:

Vertical Videos ONLY

IGTV is about vertical videos, you can also upload horizontal videos, but that will not give you most exquisite experience. The vertical video makes it easy for you to start creating a video, instead of providing pressure to produce professional videos on your expensive cameras; you can easily record videos with your phone cameras.

Actually, vertical video gives better mobile experience as you don’t have to rotate your phone every time you watch a video. Just record your video in a portrait mode and enjoy every video in same without getting annoyed. Instagram is taking an innovative move by providing the feature of vertical video that means you don’t have to think of how your video will look like in horizontal mode.



IGTV is all about INSTAGRAM

Don’t expect to watch your favorite TV shows here. You can upload your videos just like YouTube (not like Netflix). IGTV is meant for following your favorite influencers or vloggers, instead of following Hollywood elite.

There is good news, you can easily create a video for your business too; it didn’t have to be perfect and polished just like an Instagram post. You can simply film on your phone, edit in iMovie, and upload to your channel! The video doesn’t have to be very fancy if you are in a hurry & don’t have time. By this, you will end up creating some high-quality IGTV videos.

Irresistible Mobile Experience

Even though you will not have your favorite TV show or Hollywood elite’s, still you will fall in love with this powerful mobile application.  Everyone with their Instagram can log in to their IGTV “channel”, videos will automatically start playing just like when you turn on your TV.

Viewers can easily like or comment on videos while watching them, just like you interact with your Facebook videos.

When you get bored of watching the videos just swipe and move to next video. For more videos, you can search or view them by category, and it’s super easy to scroll through the videos from your friends, influencers, and other followers.

The alluring video which you find appealing, give your thumbs up.

IGTV is also providing 3 categories for you- For You, Following, Popular. For You is a collection of videos on the basis of your search suggested by Instagram. Following is a collection of videos from your friends and person you are following. Great way to be informed by seeing their videos. Popularity is a collection of all the trending and most liked videos around the IGTV.