How To Play Pokémon Go: The Ultimate Guide To Become A Pokémaster

In a very short time-frame, Pokémon Go has become the most popular game among the youngsters as well as kids.Most of the people still do not understand the tricks of this amazing game.If you are also confused about how it works, then this post may help you becoming a Pokémon master.

Here are some basic tips that will help you play Pokémon Go in the best way possible:

Turn Off AR

One of the most interesting features is how it utilizes your smartphone’s camera to discover images of Pokémon into real-world. It is the rough but appealing form of AR that will help you come across a wild Weedle or Pidgey in the real-world environments. But, you must know be aware of that using AR mode actually makes it difficult to catch Pokémon. Turning off AR enables you to catch the Pokémon on your screen, making it easy to throw Pokéballs and get your reward. Nevertheless, this is the best way to enhance your Pokémon count.

Do Catch Them All and Trade the Least Powerful

You must know this easy tip if you have just signed up to the game. It is necessary to find all the creatures that crop up all the time. This will help you trade them into the Professor in order to get Pokémon-specific candy. For instance, if you’ve got a large quantity of Pidgeys, you should immediately find out which one of them is the most powerful by figuring out which has the greatest highest-rated attacks and CP score. When you have found out which one you’re going to keep, pick the first Pidgey and scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up menu, and tap “Transfer”. Now, you will be asked to confirm, and you will get Pidgey candy from the professor. Once you’ve got 12 Pidgey, you can upgrade your left Pidgey to a Pidgeotto.


With a Lucky Egg, you can make your XP double for 30 minutes. When you reach the level 8, you should start picking up a few, or you can buy them from the shop. You are not supposed to waste your Lucky Egg by utilizing it at the worst time. You should utilize this half an hour productively in order to maximize the XP and grind up your level. Generally, you get 500XP for coping up a Pokémon, but a Lucky Egg lets you jump to 1000 XP.


Most of the players have confusion about how the ‘Nearby’ menu works. If you have started playing Pokémon Go, you may have noticed the little meter in the bottom-right. By tapping on this meter, you can see a list of nearby Pokémon. As you start catching the Pokémon, the list will tell you which Pokémon is in your immediate region.Each Pokémon’s distance from your location is shown by the number of footprints mentioned below their image, permitting you to track particular Pokémon by following the footprints as you walk around.


So, you are Pokémon Go addicted; then you probably be consuming your phone’s battery and Internet Data. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to save your phone’s data usage and battery.The first tip to save both data and battery is to use Google Maps’ offline maps function. Since this game utilizes Google Maps API, downloading maps from Google’s mapping service for the particular areas you are expected to visit means you won’t need to consume data or battery.