Create The Highly-Functional Ecommerce Websites With Magento Development

Released in 2008, Magento has become the most popular content management system used to develop the amazing ecommerce websites. Today, more than 240,000 online stores are based on this widely used ecommerce platform. With the help of Magento development, you can take your online business beyond the geographical boundaries. Moreover, it is easy to make an amazing online store consists of exciting features that will engage a large number of web traffic thereby boosting the sales conversions.

If you want a powerful online platform that can make your website sustain in the highly competitive digital market, then you really need to go with the reliable platform on which you will run your ecommerce website. When it comes to choosing the best and reliable ecommerce platform, most users prefer Magento as it comes with several customizable features.

Wide range of tools and features

Magento comes with a wide range of extensions that can help your website appear among the top positions in search engines. One of the main advantages of the Magento website is that it can be easily customized without any hurdles. Also, it provides you with an opportunity to convert your PSD files to Magento themes in order to get the desired feel and appearance.

Easy integration with 3rd party apps

You can make your ecommerce website more advanced by connecting to instant applications and plugins. Magento provides API permits that can help you integrate with any kind of application effortlessly. All you need to do is find the desired application add into your online store.

An open source platform

Magento comes in three different versions:

  • Community edition which is free
  • Enterprise edition which is paid
  • Magento Go which is paid and hosted on Magento servers

The free edition of Magento is very popular among users. It provides free downloading and installation service that also comes with several extensions.

Easy to customize

Magento comes with a wide range of themes that can help you build a highly functional ecommerce website. But, if you are looking forward to customizing the theme that can meet the specific set of functionalities you want to add your site. Today, Magento is available at a very affordable price that can meet the needs of both small and large size businesses.

Choosing the reliable company

You must go with the right Magento development company in order to get the most innovative website. The company you choose should be able to understand your project requirements and give the right solutions. We at Baymediasoft offer the most innovative web and mobile app development services at the most economical price. If you are looking forward to coming up with an amazing ecommerce website, simply fill the contact form and turn your idea into reality.