Best Tools For A/B Split Testing In WordPress

Creating a new WordPress website is not that difficult these days. You just need to download a theme, put some content and voila! It’s done.  But Business owners and developers want to do better than that, they require a good website, which involves comparatively more efforts. In order to come up with an amazing website, they need innovative designs and themes.

Everyone who owns a website wants a better conversion. Whether it is related to increase in email sign-ups, leads, downloads, membership or rankings on search engine giants. Only few website owners are aware of the grounds why visitors stay on their site, and others leave it right away. The way of knowing that what your visitors are looking for or why they are responding to your website? How they are going from just a click to an informed decision? This is where A/B testing is used for.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing means putting together the two variables of your website for comparison. If you test the original site which is the variant A against the variant B which is purely made on assumptions, which you think will work better. You can use this data & statistics to confirm new design changes, improve your conversion and ROI.

Regular testing and optimization for your website can increase the conversion rates, also providing valuable insights regarding the visitors. You can take help or hire WordPress developer to get the right testing support for your website. In this below blog, we will list out some of the best A/B testing tools available for WordPress.

Google Content Experiments – Google Analytics, most of the people are aware of this term, and they have already installed it on their sites as well. So just go ahead and start testing your website quickly. The best part is, it is available for free and possibly the best solution for A/B testing.

Optimizely– Optimizely is a big player in the testing market as websites like Starbucks, MTV and Disney are among its users. It is suitable for big projects and small projects as well. It is appropriate for developers and nontechnical persons also, as it requires coding only to implement Optimizely to your website.  It offers plans that include unlimited experiments, reporting, automatic goal tracking and much more.

Nelio A/B testing– Nelio A/B Testing is a popular tool that is designed to track and optimize the conversions on your website. It was the first tool which is specially created to work with WordPress sites. It offers A/B as well as multivariate testing. Besides the variant comparison, it also allows comparing the CSS variation, various themes, and titles of the page.

In order to improve the website clicks, sales, email sign ups and conversions, you are required to test your site thoroughly. If you don’t test, you may probably lose a lot of potential clients or leads. That is the reason we recommend using integrated A/B testing tools for your WordPress website; it is essential for running a successful website in the long term.