7 Features that You Restaurant App Must Have: Deep Analysis by Baymediasoft

Once upon a time, the restaurant’s mobile apps were just a piece of online tool help you find the nearest location and explore the menu. Today, we see a totally different side of mobile apps widely used in restaurant businesses. Restaurant mobile apps have made several things more accessible for the users. This expansion has encouraged several startups and well-established food chains to come up with their own mobile apps.

As an increasing number of users adopted mobile applications to ease their dining experience, cafes and restaurants significantly started using mobile technology for ordering and payment applications in order to boost their sales. Though, some newly-launched restaurant apps initially failed to impress the users by introducing the complex features. Speaking of success, you can only engage your customers and build loyalty by adding some innovative app features.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have restaurant app features:

  1. In-App Ordering

Today, customers do not want to wait for the server to come and take the order and then wait for the food to be delivered to a table. They want to order the food from wherever they want. Some restaurants have already come up with the app where customers can see the menu in advance to order. It saves a significant amount of time for both the customer and restaurant owner. With easy-to-use ordering process, the customer can quickly choose what they want and make the payment online.

  1. Repeat Orders

It is another must-have feature; your customers must be able to reorder the item they ordered in the past through your app. Once the user signs up and orders something, the item will be saved into the app. Individuals who love to order their favorite meal will find this feature very practical as they just need to click on the reorder button to place the same order. It again saves time for the users, making it simple to get their favorite meal.

  1. Mobile App Payments

Let your users pay for their meal with e-wallet feature available in the app. This will save time for both customer and business owner since the customers can quickly place an order, make the payment through e-wallet and then choose or have it delivered within a certain amount of time. They don’t need to get the right amount of cash together or pay by card while waiting in the queue of customers.

    1. Customer Loyalty Program

    A survey reveals that 40% users use the mobile restaurant app to look for discounts while 30% use it for redeeming or earning loyalty points. Besides, earning brand loyalty is relatively affordable than creating brand awareness. This is why most of the popular brands pay close attention to the rewarding or loyalty programs. For example, Starbucks happily boosted their sales by 80% when they came up with loyalty programs.


    1. Push Notifications

    Push notifications is another one of the most important features to have in your restaurant app. When the users place an order they will get a push notification along with an order number. They will be received another push notification when their order is available or out for delivery. These notifications can also be carried out as reminders to your customers to attract them into placing a new order with you.

    1. Location Services

    It is an attractive feature that your restaurant or food have must have. If you have more than one restaurant connected with your app, then the location services will help your customer know which branch is nearest to their location. It will also help them find your outlets using GPS, without having to leave your app and search on Google Map separately.

    1. Table Reservation

    Your restaurant may have limited space, but it is popular enough that your loyal customers find it challenging to get the desired table at walk-in. Or perhaps, your restaurant is so popular that you only accommodate reservations and no walk-ins. Though, your mobile app must have a table reservation feature for your customers. It will definitely cut down customer frustration and give them the opportunity to plan their dates perfectly.