6 Practical Tips to Boost App Downloads

One million downloads! This is where the party begins for mobile app publishers. But, is it easy to achieve? You can easily hire mobile app development company and come up with a fully-functional application today, but the real battle begins when you launch it in the app marketplace i.e. Google play store and App store.

If you’re reading out this blog, it probably means you are about to launch a newly-developed mobile app — may be your first one? Well, have you prepared a marketing plan to boost the downloads? If you haven’t, then it’s time roll up your sleeves and make a result-driven strategy to increase downloads for your app.

Today, we will talk about some powerful tips to improve mobile app ranking and boost app downloads:

  • App Store Optimization (ASO)

Just like SEO, App store optimization is the process of improving an app’s visibility in the store by optimizing several significant elements such as app title, description, screenshots, and keywords as per the trends’ best practices. The motive is to make your mobile app more visible and boost its discoverability. With the right ASO, users will be more likely to find your app in the marketplace, and the number of downloads will increase ultimately.

Though ASO is gaining popularity every day, it is overlooked by most app publishers and marketers. It is time to avail the advantage of this cost-effective way to boost app downloads. In order to find relevant keywords, you can use Google Keyword Planner or Apple Search Ads tool.

  • Come Up with a Relevant Website

If you want to boost app downloads, you really need to increase your brand awareness. Promote your app everywhere on the web. In addition, you must create a relevant website or landing page. You don’t even need to have the technical knowledge to do so. Simply create a site using free platforms like WordPress which will also make it easy to manage the content. Building a landing page or relevant website will help you share valuable content about your mobile app. This will also work as a central point where users can learn more about your application.

Make sure the website design is attractive; use your specific fonts and app’s color to make it more personal. Don’t forget to add a blog section on your website which will be the main part of your marketing approach. The purpose is to provide some news about your app such as features, design, etc. You can choose some engaging blog topics to promote your app without directly promoting it.

  • Build Your Social Presence

Apart from website and blogs, it is also required to build your strong social presence. Make sure to create a Google+, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account. Besides, you need to keep each platform updated. Avoid creating too many channels, if you don’t have time to manage them all. An effective social media marketing demands a lot of time & efforts, especially if you are launching a new product.

In order to come up with a successful marketing approach, you need to determine a different strategy for each channel and, most importantly, discover creative ways to stand out from your competitors. If you want to get your mobile app known, you also need to encourage users to share your content. Don’t forget to use your website/blog links or app URL in all your posts. Getting more users and engagement on your social platforms will definitely boost your app downloads.

  • Make Your Mobile App Free at Launch

Another excellent way to get more downloads is to make your mobile app free when launching. It may sound quite easy, but it will remarkable boost your chances of getting added downloads. If it is already launched in the app marketplace as paid, make it free for a few days (15-20 days). This will undoubtedly develop curiosity and increase downloads.

If your mobile application is free but offers paid in-apps, make your in-app purchases free for a while. This will encourage the audience to use your app more while boosting the downloads. Moreover, it is an ideal way to raise engagement rate and let Play Store/App Store reward you by improving your app rankings.

  • Ask Your Users to Rate & Review

Another excellent way to boost app downloads is by getting more positive and genuine reviews. They will not only improve your rankings but also build your reputation in the marketplace which will further tempt your users to download your application. Most users rely on other users’ feedback while downloading any app. If you have low ratings/bad reviews, you can be assured that the conversion rate will be below your expectations. Both the Play Store and App Store algorithms consider ratings and reviews while ranking apps. With multiple bad reviews, your mobile app can be penalized regarding rankings.

By using push notifications at the right time, you can encourage users to review your app positively. Moreover, you can avoid getting negative reviews by offering the innovative experience to your users. You can start by correcting flaws as promptly as possible. If your app is under development, make sure your app is designed and developed professionally. You must hire a creative mobile app development company that will help you come up with an innovative product.

  • PR and Influencer marketing

It is crucial to try getting people to talk about your mobile app. It will not only strengthen your brand awareness but also boost app downloads. Going to the media is an excellent way to drive attention and boost awareness. The first & foremost thing you need to do is to create a complete press kit which includes some visual and written elements such as app icon, download URL, screenshots, PDF presentation, boilerplate, whitepapers, etc. Make all these materials as engaging as possible.

The next vital step will be to send a perfectly-written press release to famous influencers and tech journalists. You can reach out them through email by using catch subject line. The motive is to encourage them talking about your mobile app. If your mobile app has not launched yet, you can provide them with access to its beta version. Make sure to promote the unique features and functionalities of your mobile app. You can contact bloggers who may find your product appealing to their audience. For instance, if you are developing a fitness app, contact popular health influencers and bloggers. Try to build a strong relationship with them by using a creative approach. Surely, they will like your app and cover it in their upcoming article/video.