6 Powerful Tips to Promote Your Mobile App

Working with a web and mobile app development company has given me the chance of serving thousands of startups and well-established businesses. Most of them have shared stories of spending a significant amount of time and money to make their mobile app highly successful. However, not every app gets immense popularity and success in a few days. You need to come up with a proper marketing strategy to promote your app and boost the number of downloads.

In this blog, I am providing six powerful tips that will help you promote your mobile app in 2018:

  • Put Together a Relevant Website

To promote your mobile app more effectively, you also need to come up with a relevant website on which you can bring the application to the attention. It can be your existing website or a website developed especially for your app. In both cases, ensure an attractive landing page. Be clear what your mobile app entails and what the specifications are. A clear description in advance prevents false expectations among the users.

Moreover, you must provide a button on your site that will help users directly download the app on mobile devices. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly and allows visitors to download your app in one click. The fewer actions someone has to do, the higher the chance that he/she decides to download your mobile app. Besides, you need to pay a lot of attention to SEO on this page. With proper website SEO, you can boost the chance that users will end up on your page via Google and download the app.

  • Determine the Right Keywords

Promoting a mobile application can also be compared to website SEO. Just like for your business site, you need to find relevant keywords for your app. Research about your target audience; what words are they looking for? Also, use those words (keywords ) in the name of your app and description. A widely-preferred tool for determining these keywords is AppCodes. This tool will provide you with an indication of how high your application can score in the App Store. As with Google SEO, the App Store algorithm is not recognized. But, you can always play with content (app description) to optimize your app for Google’s Play store and Apple’s App Store. Make sure to avoid keyword stuffing in the description part.

  • Use Google AdWords

Google AdWords can help you make your app more successful. In general, there are three ways to promote your app via AdWords:

Promote Apps by Advertising in Other Apps

Depending on your budget, you can choose to place advertisements in other apps. Advertising in an app can deliver a massive amount of coverage but also cost a lot.

Promote Apps on Search Results Pages

It is an excellent way to bring your mobile app to the attention based on relevant search terms. With mobile search campaigns, you can reach the audience who is already looking for a similar app.

Generate Downloads with Ads

It is known as one of the most effective ways to boost the number of downloads. These ads are directly linked to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, so users can quickly engage and download your app. In-Apps ads bring mobile advertising to a higher level. You must consider in-app ads to generate more downloads.

  • Collect Positive Reviews

A positive appraisal stimulates the number of downloads. Users download an app that has 4-5 stars faster than an app that has only one. Therefore, it is essential to get reviews from your users. You must ask for reviews, but don’t do this too often. It will only annoy users. Ultimately, you want positive feedback which brings us to the last suggestion: develop an innovative mobile app.

  • Come Up with an Innovative Mobile App

It may sound cliche, but it all starts with an excellent mobile app to build. A professionally-develop unique app which fits well with your target audience leads to positive reviews and great success. It ultimately boosts the chance of a positive word of mouth. In order to get immense popularity and users’ attention, you need to come up with an amazing app. You can hire creative mobile app development company who will help you put together an innovative application.

  • Use your Existing Channels

Use all the resources that you currently have in-house to make your app known. Pay attention to it in your newsletter, spread it via social media and make it known on your website. It seems obvious but is a simple way to promote your mobile app.

In this highly-competitive mobile world, your newly-launched apps can’t achieve to get the desired outcome. You need to have result-driven marketing strategy that will not only promote your app but make your business a successful brand.