Top 9 Reasons To Choose OpenCart For Your Ecommerce Website

If you want to establish your own online business and lope your ecommerce economically and smoothly, you have to figure out which shopping cart software will meet your needs. We have reviewed many popular platforms as individual offers; tens of Content management Systems is available today. Magento, OpenCart, Zencart, WooCommerce etc are the most common platforms used by many; but there is no one which can fit for all the solutions of ecommerce. It all depends on your needs, number of products and the capability to integrate into the new site.

In this article, we are answering a big question that is “Why to choose OpenCart?”. Our answer is, it has user-friendly interface and inbuilt ecommerce store features. It helps you set up your own online store and run your ecommerce business cost-effectively. Also, it is most suitable for people who want to start an online store for small and medium-sized businesses.


Reasons for choosing OpenCart for your ecommerce website

  1. OpenCart is easy, reliable and flexible: OpenCart is user-friendly, easy to manage and administer. It means that a business owner who has less knowledge or skills can manage their OpenCart store. Its control panel is uncomplicated and convenient to use. It is one of the largest ecommerce community which has more than 70,000 followers.
  2. It is lighter and takes less time setting up: OpenCart is lighter and requires less time in set up, this is why it is cheaper to have it than any other ecommerce platform. Generally, OpenCart Development Companies charge less for setting up an OpenCart store than Magento store for a small business.
  3. It is free: The OpenCart software is absolutely free. That is the reason many people use it and OpenCart development companies charge less for creating a store using it. The maintenance cost is also low, so that leads to cheaper rates for making an online store.
  4. Large community: A lot of people involved in software development and support of OpenCart. You can find a lot of OpenCart Development companies which can help you for setting up and maintenance of the online store. There is a great deal of information available regarding the forum, blogs, and experts.
  5. Modules and Extensions: There are so many features and extensions available to increase the functionality of OpenCart. It means we can do almost everything that can be done by using any other platform for developing ecommerce store.
  6. OpenCart provides free support and upgrades: If you want any specific feature for your store and it is not available in OpenCart extensions, you don’t have to worry as the OpenCart Development Company can easily develop a required extension. You just have to tell your exact need and the feature will be updated as it is free to do so.
  7. Perfect Solution for Startups: OpenCart is the perfect solution for startups and small to medium-sized businesses. It includes various worldwide known payment modules like Paypal and Authorize.Net that makes the payment options easier for all. Its main feature is that you can customize it to suit large businesses with the help of expert OpenCart developers.
  8. Fastest Growing Opensource Platform: OpenCart is the fastest growing open source e-commerce solution. It was started in early 2007 and now it is the largest ecommerce community. OpenCart is very popular software; huge testimonials/reviews number makes the impression of stable CMS. It is now among the top few solutions that many startups and small to medium level businesses are opting for.
  9. Provides the range of documents: OpenCart is used by many web developers looking for a user-friendly interface to use that is the reason it provides a good range of documents with it. This guide is a resource to users needing direction in navigating the OpenCart interface. It makes the OpenCart Developers comfortable with using the OpenCart interface and developing ecommerce stores.