Must Have Social Media Marketing Apps On Your Mobile Phone

Today, social media marketing has become a lot easier with some of the dedicated mobile apps that are available for free. The social marketing apps provide the great opportunities for marketers to engage more customers. With these applications, you don’t need to be tied to the computer system; your mobile device is all you need to share your content.

There are a large number of social media mobile apps available in the app store. So here are some of the best social media apps that can help you promote your product or services in the best way:

Social Mention

Social Mention is a powerful marketing app that collects aggregated data from multiple social platforms. This app collects data from Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Blogger, YouTube, etc. Moreover, it helps you discover the view of the research content and separate them as positive, negative, and neutral.

With Social Mention, you can also subscribe to the Social Mention RSS feed and get email alerts. It doesn’t need any registration and is available for free. It monitors billions of sources in over 40 languages. Since alerts are in real time, you can reply right away within mention.


Hootsuite is widely used to manage multiple social media accounts from one single interface. It provides you an excellent way to stay connected with social media from anywhere. With this amazing app, you can track brand mentions, schedule content, analyze traffic, and figure out your social media marketing ROI.

Using Hootsuite dashboard, you can integrate Hootsuite and the new Hootsuite Suggestions apps on your smartphone. The Hootsuite mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users. On the contrary, suggestions app is currently confined to only iOS platform.

Tint : Social Engagement Anywhere

The tint is not exactly a social media marketing app as it helps you generate social hubs to attract your target audience. Tint facilitates you to connect with different hashtags and social feeds. It collects user-generated data from over ten social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Furthermore, it allows you to fix the content as custom feeds on mobile apps, social pages, digital displays, and websites like WordPress, Tumblr or Wix.


Nimble blends networking capabilities and social media management together to help you improve your customer relationship. This mobile app automatically updates its database from dozens of data about your consumers so that you can build better relationships with them to get higher revenue. Moreover, it allows you to see your past and present communications in one single view. You can identify your key contact with this amazing app. Also, you can tag contacts with specific keywords to better engage with your customers.


Zuum works perfectly with different social media platforms to turn information into business intelligence. It analyzes various social media analytics and reporting to help you determine the kind of information your target customers mostly engage with. Also, Zuum helps you connect with market influencers favoured by your target audience. With this app, you can earn customers’ trust and market credibility.