4 Essential Features That Your Ecommerce Mobile App Should Have.

Nowadays, Smartphones and tablets have effectively changed the scenario of the e-commerce industry. The marketing strategies of small and large companies have shifted to become more mobile-focused as customers have rapidly adopted mobile shopping. Rather than creating a responsive version of a particular website, more and more business owners are wisely invading into the mobile market by introducing their own smartphone app.


Today, eCommerce companies are striving hard to enhance the user experience on smartphones with a reliable tech infrastructure using mobile apps. But not all mobile apps are designed equally. While scrolling through the iOS App Store, you’ll find numerous offerings that are a waste of money from companies and worthless to users. According to Global App User Survey, 49.3% of customers’ decision to download an app is affected by its features and 48.9% by description. When setting up an e-commerce mobile app, there are many features to take into the account.

This article uncovers some of the best features that your mobile app should have:

1. Provide simple and uncluttered navigation

A significant thing to remember while creating an eCommerce mobile application is the screen size and content. So, always go with the simple and uncluttered home page layout in order to simplify this discovery process. As mobile screens have a confined space, you should ensure that your products are not cramming up space. Besides, display your brand’s features and value without compromising on the design.


2. Create onboarding as engaging as possible

A user-friendly app should have a minimalistic design that is created according to the brand’s philosophy. A new user should be able to know what your brand is all about from the first impression. It is especially necessary for an eCommerce brand that user recognize the brand instantly. An interactive onboarding invites a user with the exciting features as well as striking tagline that reveals what the brand is all about.

3. Leverage customers’ trust Without Overcrowding

Customers always want to see the thing that they can trust without being over-fed with it. In short, consumers are looking for some information that is trustworthy as well as convincing. Your mobile app should keep the customers up-to-date with the latest sales along with snowfall reports. Moreover, you can add customer reviews on the product page where the customers can also sort by most useful, highest, lowest or the latest review.


4. Use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript are together used to develop mobile apps that are perfectly loaded on mobile phones just like native applications.

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