Laravel Vs. Symfony – Which PHP Framework Is Better?

The current era is of the internet. Literally, everything runs on it, from the ordering of food items to medicine to clothing and up to jewellery. The internet has occupied a significant place in our lives without us knowing. The necessity and importance of the internet have been ever since increasing since the introduction of cheap internet and wide outreach of digital literacy.

A number of businesses have changed their methodology of working to internet-based activities. Right from accepting payments to delivering orders, everything has witnessed a change. Be it small-scale businesses or large-scale MNCs; the internet has simplified the life of many. We can see there has been a vast amount of influence on the lives of men from every section of society. Not only businesses but the service sectors have also been affected up to a large extent from the influence of the internet. People of different age groups such as children, teenagers, adults, etc. have shown a great deal of change in their behavioural patterns. Changes in terms of physical, psychological behaviour have been observed predominantly. Some positive though some not so positive in nature have been observed. A different approach has been conceived, especially by teenagers.


With the vast outreach of the internet, the job market has also expanded vociferously, especially for IT professionals. Introduction of the jobs in new sectors such as website development, framework designing, cybersecurity, etc. is rampant these days. With the advancement of the internet, most businesses want to create an online presence for themselves. This has led to a vast increase in the demand for website developers. Now there are various ways and applications to develop websites and make them more organized. Let us have a look at some of them.


It is a program that is primarily used to develop web apps. It employs the PHP framework in use. It automates most of the work, which is exasperating to be done manually. It is one of the best PHP frameworks that there is out there. It has numerous advantages associated with it, some of which are listed below:

  • Simple: The nature of Laravel is quite simple; it is exceptionally easy to use for framework developers. With a wide range of built-in templates, designing is made even easier. If one is to hire a dedicated Laravel developer, then they can expect the work of 4-5 web pages to be completed within a day or two.
  • Security: One of the major concerns in today’s world of the internet is that of security. Breaches in security are to be avoided at any cost. Thankfully, Laravel employs a crypt hashing algorithm that keeps the hackers and crackers away.
  • Optimized performance: Websites built with Laravel are more optimized in terms of many aspects such as speed, management of website traffic, and several others. Laravel is an excellent choice for a business if factors such as website efficiency and SEO are concerns of paramount importance to the clients.
  • Swift integrations: The integration of third-party applications or services with a website made by Laravel is a breeze. This is especially advantageous to the online payment accepting businesses since the integration of a 3rd party payment gateway is a compulsion there.
  • Low maintenance: One great feature of the websites made with Laravel is that they are low maintenance. A website usually requires periodic maintenance, failing which the website would start showing anomalies and perform poorly, and if these maintenances are too frequent, then, frankly speaking, it becomes irritating. Alternatively, websites made with Laravel require lesser maintenance and are hence easy to work with.
  • Cost effective: Using Laravel is also an advantageous option from an economic point of view. Also, the action of hiring a Laravel developer is not a very costly affair. Plus, the maintenance is minimum here, so the charges incurred in hiring someone for that are also minimized. Due to the following reasons, it is considered an economically affordable option.


It is also a PHP framework website development application. It is very widely used in the world of web development. It has numerous advantages associated with it, some of which are listed below:

  • Fast: One of the main features of Symfony is that it is fast. Though there are a number of similar applications available, none is as fast as Symfony for the purpose of development.
  • Awesome templates: A number of awesome templates are already available in the inbuilt templating system of Symfony. This allows the user to choose from a number of options, whichever he/she might feel more tempting or eye-catching.
  • A plethora of resources: A number of resources are available for the users of Symfony, which makes it even more employable. Resources in the firm of groups, communities are also there to help out or guide a fellow developer. Additionally, one can also seek support from the help services if they are continuously stuck at some problem or the other.
  • User friendly: One of the brilliant advantages associated with Symfony is that it is extremely user-friendly. One can figure out a lot of things just by looking at the starting interface. If one wishes to learn, then it can be an amazing platform to start the learning process of building websites. One does not require a vast amount of time just to get familiar with the interface.
  • Efficient: Symfony literally is a boon for the developers. It can match the speed, performance, etc. and present the tasks and comply to complete them according to the pace of the developer. This is the reason it falls into the list of the topmost development applications list.