5 Best Hospital Management System – Cloud-Based Solutions

Doctors are the miracle workers who dedicate their lives to bring smiles on the faces of their patients. They are working 24×7 to achieve various responsibilities which not only include their medical practice but also the administrative jobs, financial aspects, HR, and all-round activities for an organization.

If the doctors are involved with clinics, hospitals of their own, then the job becomes more trivial. In such a scenario to manage all these jobs simultaneously without impacting quality and sanctity of their profession, the only answer is Healthcare Software Solution, which takes care of their daily chores while freeing them up for their exclusive quality which can be performed only by them.

In this Information Technology era, no stone is left unturned, no profession is left untouched and then but obviously the healthcare industry is also flooded with solutions. A noticeable difference can be observed in the diagnostics, medical instrumentation and management of hospitals and clinics. The major focus is to keep the experts free for their core duties while the rest of the things are managed through computers.

To meet day to day requirements of hospitals and clinics, setting appointments, managing records, IPD, OPD and many such stuff which can be handled from a Clinic Management or Hospital Management Software.

The healthcare industry is one of the prime business areas. The solution providers have very closely worked with the hospital staff, studied the requirements deeply and formulated hi-tech software which has made the life of doctors and hospital management staff very easy.

We have listed a few Clinic & Hospital Management Software based on their features, pricing, and facilities. Majorly software solutions are divided into two broad categories – On-Premise and Cloud version. Here, we are talking majorly of cloud-based software.

1. Medisolz – Hospital & Clinic Management Software

Medisolz is a fast emerging healthcare solution for small hospitals and clinics. The aim is to simplify and streamline the processes to improve the doctor’s effectiveness while improving the patient’s experience.

This is a cloud-based system and works well on all devices like mobile, tabs, laptop, desktop, etc. Its ease of use has enabled doctors to provide consultation on the go. Doctors can check the record of a specific patient any time anywhere, so in the time of emergency preliminary medication can be given on fly before meeting the doctors physically and proves to be life-saving in various cases.

Online availability of records, prescription has given transparency to patients and their distant near – dears. NABH team has given very positive comments and recommendations for Medisolz. Patients can set up appointments accordingly online as well as offline, so a hassle-free appointment system without any discrepancy. Role-based security is an important feature in which all users are given permissions based on roles. It is enabled to accept online payments through multi-channels. It can be scaled up to the desired level.


APPOINTMENT SCHEDULING – The most important feature with which a doctor can provide availability in the software, based on which time slots are displayed in the system. Patients can schedule their appointment online and can be done through reception as well.

OUT-PATIENT (OPD) – MediSolz gives you ease in creating New patient records, with complete details. These can be further updated by adding investigation reports, diagnoses, prescriptions, medications, etc. History of the patient is always available since registration, which is helpful during follow-up or in case the patient is admitted.

IN-PATIENT (IPD) – This software gives you the flexibility to search records on various filters, gives all the details of the patient, OPD record history, Diagnostics, Surgical checklists, bed management, etc. Billing also becomes easy with all above the details.

QUEUE MANAGEMENT – Tokens to the patients visiting for consultation, pathology, radiology, diagnostics, etc can be provided through this system. This will control the mob and manages the hospital crowd reducing chaos.

PATIENT CARD & MANAGEMENT – Patients are not required to carry history records, diagnostics, allergy problems on their visits. A patient card is issued to each patient, with this reference patient record is retrieved. It helps in analysis and providing medication and decide the future course of action.

DASHBOARDS AND REPORTS – This software provides each user its role and dashboard access using which relevant information can be extracted. A receptionist can set up an appointment, check the doctor’s availability and do billing. A doctor can check the calendar, create and update patient’s records, give medications, prepare a surgical checklist, etc. An Admin role can create roles and access all the modules and more.

EMAIL AND SMS – Routine and promotional campaigns can be sent through Email and SMS to existing patients. Regular reminders and seasonal alerts can be sent to keep in touch with the patients.

2. Medstar HIS – Hospital Management System

Medstar HIS is a very good, elaborate hospital management and Information System. It can be integrated easily with all the processes, machines and other HIS Systems. It efficiently assists hospitals in decision making through effective analytics. Its MIS is an intelligent information system and enhances operational efficacy and optimize the processes.


A UNIQUE SYSTEM – Medstar is a scalable and highly competitive Hospital Management System. It renders well on all the mobile phones as well as computer systems. It’s business analytics and Artificial Intelligence makes it unparallel. Its process makes it compliant for NABH.

CREATIVE DOCTORS – It gives doctors a way to improve their efficiency by easy to use Electronic Medical Records. A complete patient record is available all the time.

EASY TO ORDER AND TRACK TESTS – It is one of the important features which enable doctors to order tests instantly. It sends and receives information to patho-lab, radiology or any emergency services instantly and can track the records through the app.

MOBILE PACS – This is another important feature that gives a view facility to doctors to see radiology images on tabs and mobiles without needing hard copies.

3. eHospital – Hospital Management System

eHospital is amongst the best Hospital Management System which is an extensive system. This system can be conveniently used by Medical Practitioners, Multi-specialty clinics, Healthcare facilities, Satellite Clinics, Hospitals located at multiple locations and can be accessed from the cloud as a single system.

It has smoothly transformed the traditional paper-based information to Electronic records. EMR, the Electronic Medical Records have taken the services to the next level.

Patients can schedule an appointment with desired doctors online, getting alert has given a lot of ease besides collation of patient notes, effortless payment handling, and other features.

Precisely this single software takes care of all the needs of a hospital. Being on the cloud, it has shortened the distance and efficiently used at multi-locations as a single entity. The analytics are extremely helpful in formulating healthcare policies.


PATIENT REGISTRATION – A unique identification number is given to each patient with the help of which they can system. The system is capable of assessing the benefits eligibility of patients and provide all the required support.

APPOINTMENT & SCHEDULING – Easy appointment scheduling for the Doctors, Diagnostics, Radiological and Pathological Lab services. Appointment status updates to patients, doctors and all concerned to reduce.

OUTPATIENT MANAGEMENT – The patients who are not admitted are stored under this category. It organizes Consulting notes, Diagnostic details, procedures, medicines, etc. Alerts can be sent to patients regarding upcoming camps, vaccines, etc.

INPATIENT MANAGEMENT – This module covers all the details of admitted / inhouse patients, their rooms, Consulting doctors, diet, etc. Admission, discharge and transfers are managed easily through this system.

4. Practo – Cloud-based Hospital Management system

Practo is one of the most popular software among doctors. The major reason being its ease of use, facility to create doctor’s profile, find doctors nearby, appointment scheduling, and more. It gives very wide accessibility to find medical stores, diagnostic centers, hospitals. Its prime version is plug-n-play software for complete clinic and hospital management.

This software gives the facility of registration to the patients, appointment management, billing services, provision of feedback and consent forms, and upload options to access the records from anywhere. It increases the productivity of the doctors by storing and managing health data of patients electronically.


  • Consult your patients through the app with ease.
  • Ability to provide feedback by patients and the capability to respond to them.
  • Ease of adding and editing important information eg. Services, fees, timings, etc with immediate publishing.
  • A profile can be created in three easy steps. Expert tips are given to enhance the profile to showcase your better online presence.
  • You may track the performance of your clinic from anywhere at any time.
  • Distance from patient never matter, advice can be given by reviewing patient’s records from any corner of the world.

5. Meditab – Innovative Healthcare Solution

Meditab is amongst the oldest player in the market with more than 20 years of maturity in the health industry. It is made with highly adaptive intelligent technology to understand your system and can be customized as per your needs and requirements. It is a cloud-based system and comes with mobile capabilities. It has been designed to fit into more than 25 specialties.

It comes with various products, IMS – the Intelligent Medical Software is their flagship product which was launched in the year 2000 followed by IPS – Intelligent Pharmacy Software in the year 2003, a pharmacy’s solution.

It is a software solution designed by doctors for doctors to streamline the management of the patient from allergy to pain.


EHR – It aims to provide a complete automation solution to a diverse and broad network of medical and health care organizations.

PRACTICE MANAGEMENT – Meditab’s practice management is a comprehensive tool aimed to enhance the efficiency of staff, billing process, patient management of Health Care Institutions.

BILLING – The Meditab Billing provides integration to seamlessly integrate with other systems.

MOBILE TECHNOLOGY – Being the pioneer in Mobile Medical software, the solution comes up with a cloud-based mobility solution that can be used anywhere at any time to provide consultation to patients without time and distance issues.