Trends to remain in Android App development in the year 2022

Android world is constantly updating and embracing new changes every year. Some of the common features of Android exist in every Android game and app. These features make Android tools and apps easy to use.

The latest version in Android world is Android 12. It has some of the best features such as better design, safe mode, privacy features and personal options. Some striking new features have been introduced to enhance Android app development process for a better future. It also gives rich user experience to the Android users.

In this blog, we will discuss about the top trends that will remain in Android world in the coming years.

Factors to determine in Android app development

Some of the most important factors to consider in Android app development process are:

  • Competitors
  • Type of audience and target market
  • Trends
  • Needs and of target users

Best trends to stay in Android world

Some of the top-notch trends will stay forever in Android world such as:

1. Jetpack Glance Alpha for App widgets

Jetpack Glance can be installed in Android. It is a new framework that helps to build app widget for different home screens and surfaces easily. It is similar to Jetpack Compose and offers the same Kotlin APIs to the Android app developers.

These APIs help to create app widgets that look beautiful and responsive. One of the major benefits of APIs is that they have lower codes. App widgets are very useful for Android users in the coming years.

2. Kotlin Programming Language

The next best trend in Android world is Kotlin Programming language. It is the official language for Android app developers in the recent times. Despite the Java language is a well-known coding language, Kotlin is another popular coding language in Android world today. Some of the major benefits of Kotlin programming language are:

  • Simple process of coding
  • Short process of developing an app
  • No need of NPE and Null references
  • It is easy to switch to Kotlin programming language from Java language
  • Works smoothly with JAVA flaws
  • Easy to write Gradle Codes that help to build iOS apps
  • Multithreading features
  • Cross-platform and native-like performance
  • Works smoothly with JAVA frameworks

3. Blockchain

Adopting Blockchain technology is one of the best trends in Android app development. It is estimated that the blockchain market will touch around $67.4 billion in the next few years. Some of the biggest IT companies are adopting Blockchain technology these days.

Blockchain technology has several benefits such as data privacy, data security and decentralized authority. Some other characteristics of Blockchain technology include transparency and speed.

Many mobile apps use Blockchain such as:

  • Cryptocurrency apps
  • Digital Payment apps
  • Medical data storage apps
  • Healthcare apps
  • Supply chain and logistics monitoring apps

4. Mobile commerce

Many businesses in the globe have shifted towards mobile app development for M-Commerce because of pandemic effects. These days, people love online shopping and conduct online transactions.

Mobile commerce is a good option for businesses. It has increased the trend of online business transactions via a smartphone or other compatible devices. The top sectors that use Mobile commerce are payment, banking, healthcare and retail. In the year 2020, the retail commerce sales reached nearly $38 billion in India.

5. AR and VR apps

Android world makes the use of virtual reality apps and augmented reality apps. AR and VR apps are highest-performing apps in the business sector. In the year 2021, around 4 million Consumer VR headsets were sold.

The number of AR industrial use cases is evolving continuously. AR technology is highly efficient in the medical sector. It helps many healthcare professionals, surgeons and medical practitioners in the treatment of various health issues.

These apps are also used in cultivation and agriculture. They are also used in virtual shopping and other ecommerce tasks. AR technology has various benefits in the business. AR filters help to boost social interactions. AR/VR technology is a top-trending technology in Android world. The latest technologies such as Internet of Things and 5G wireless networks work smoothly to make this sector better.

6. Cloud-based mobile app

Data safety is very important in the businesses and enterprises. Many businesses and companies are now choosing Cloud Apps because of the affordable price. Apart from that, the Cloud apps are also safe to store data and reduce the need to store data in phone’s memory.

Cloud-based mobile apps will help to store important business data safe and protect it from hackers and third party sources. Besides, these apps also help to access business data from any part of the globe on mobile phones and other devices. It becomes easy to complete the group projects from any part of the world after downloading these cloud apps on the mobile phones.

In addition, the cloud based apps help to store crucial information. They are also flexible and scalable to use in various kinds of businesses according to the needs and specifications.

7. Adopting cross-platform apps

The last trend on the list is Hybrid mobile app development. This is one of the best trends that will stay in Android world for a long time. The trend helps the apps to work across various devices and platforms effectively.

Some open-source technologies such as ReactNative and Flutter are used by many businesses all around the world. Scalability, convenience and efficiency of these technologies are some of the best features to integrate in any business to improve sales.


These are the top trends in Android world that will remain for years. They will help to increase customer base in any business and build engaging apps for your customers. If you want to build responsive Android app like B2B or B2C or C2C, hire our company Mypcot Infotech. We have rich experience in building professional Android apps with the help of the top trends and technologies.

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